Innate Ash Laminate Sheets With Suede Finish From Greenlam

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9611 - Innate Ash

30 - Suede (SUD)

Peru / Collection / Compact Laminates / Standard Compacts

SKU: PERU1111111983
Categories: Collection,   Compact Laminates

Product Details

SKU PERU1111111983
Product Category Woodgrain
Design Number 9611
Design Name Innate Ash
Finish Name Suede
Finish Code SUD
Finish Numeric 30
Thickness (mm) 6 to 30
Dimension (mm) 1525x3660 | 1830x3660
Dimension (ft) 5x12 | 6x12


Abrasion Resistant
Excellent Hygiene Properties
Fire Resistant
Greater Dimensional Stability & Flatness
Resistant to Harmful Chemicals & Organic Solvents
Water Resistant